French President F. Hollande announces unlimited access to OpenClassrooms for all jobseekers

On Thursday April 16, French President François Hollande made a new announcement aimed at boosting training and employment on the occasion of his State visit to Switzerland, where Pierre Dubuc, co-founder of OpenClassrooms, was part of the official delegation. As of September 2015, all jobseekers in France will have free access to the Premium services of OpenClassrooms, including online courses, MOOCs, eBooks, as well as unlimited access to certifications.

During this visit, François Hollande presented the work of OpenClassrooms, a leading digital learning platform in Europe, based in France and dedicated to spreading new forms of open training for all.

F. Hollande's announcement

« OpenClassrooms has become a European leader in the MOOC sector today. There are 3 million people following their courses each month. OpenClassrooms helps teachers and professionals worldwide to create courses and share them. 

So I had an idea: I thought this opportunity should be given to those who need it the most. And who needs it the most? The people who are looking for work. In France, not only do we have too many unemployed people, but we also have too many job positions remaining vacant because employers cannot find skilled applicants.

As of September this year, all jobseekers in France will have free unlimited access to all of OpenClassrooms digital services. » François Hollande announced.

By promoting access to career oriented and certified training resources, the government is looking to facilitate job transitions and skill development to meet the demand for qualified profiles in sectors such as the digital industry.


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  1. A good initiative and it does not happen that often. I’m glad to see that the siteduzero has become today

    • Thanks it means a lot to us too !
      Have a good day

  2. Very very good think! It will become a verywell thing in the futur particularly for the web users and all jobseekers.


    • Thanks ! We certainly hope so.

  3. You really deserve your success! Congratulations for what you do and what you’ve besome since i first visited the site du zéro! Bonne continuation et longue vie à OP!

    Thanks a lot!

    • Thanks a lot ! :)

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