We are Education Revolution !

Our dream is to make a perfect school. One that is open for all, where you can learn at your own pace, on your personalized schedule, without being pressured. Today is a special day: we’re finally launching it!

This dream isn’t new. It came to me sixteen years ago. Back then I made a “small website to help out a few friends”. I kept working on it over the years, and this website has become a startup of over 30 members. Now that nearly 3 million people come to visit the website each month, there’s no question that OpenClassrooms has become second nature to many: our courses are used everywhere, in schools and universities.

Of course, it took time for the idea to take shape but we’ve finally put words on it and here they are: “what if we were simply building tomorrow’s education model?”

Today is a milestone for the history of our website. Higher education network Studialis and OpenClassrooms are joining forces to launch the first ever 100% online training program delivering a title endorsed by the State, a title of “Multimedia Project Manager” equivalent to a Level II certification.

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Why is this revolutionary?

At OpenClassrooms, we are used to taking things with caution, one step at a time. Teaching is a complex art that doesn’t happen just by snapping your fingers.

Yet today, we can say this: we are revolutionizing the world of Education. This is even a world premiere: from now on, it is possible to train online, at one’s own pace, and to get a title recognized by the State exactly like a diploma one would get from a physical school!

This is innovative in many respects:

  • Totally at your own pace: you’re more of a night person? The coffees before your 8am lectures don’t work for you anymore? In this training program, you can study whenever you like.
  • Adapted to your level: you’re a fast learner? We will speed things up for you. You need more time? We will take the time to go through explanations again and again until you get it. Courses cannot go “too fast” anymore: we change their rhythm based on your needs.
  • Private support: a mentor is here to take you through the program and help you via videoconference throughout its whole duration. Appointments are made every week to guide you, set your learning objectives and track your progress. You will work with your mentor on practical projects to build your portfolio.
  • No prerequisites: as part of OpenClassrooms’ core values, we don’t want anyone to be left out. This training program doesn’t include any prerequisites: no need to have graduated from high school, everyone can enroll.
  • Pay only what you use: you need a mentor for 6 months only? Or for 18 months? Just pay for the duration that you need. You start paying 300€/month whenever you are ready, and you take a break whenever you want. While a traditional diploma can cost over 20,000€ and take up 3 years of training, you can now get the same diploma from… 1,800€ within 6 months of training.

Yes, that’s right: it is now possible to get a title equivalent to a Level II certification… within a year or less! It all depends on the learning pace you need to complete your training program.


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A worldwide network of mentors

This is one of the innovations that we are most proud of. We are developing a worldwide network of mentors who directly receive a part of the students’ training fees. As we have already begun to see, there are no borders anymore: an African can teach a European, who can himself teach a North American on another topic.

All our mentors are selected carefully and trained to online teaching methods by OpenClassrooms and IESA, the multimedia school of the Studialis group. Some of our mentors are professionals working for big corporations, others are independent mentors with recognized skills. Many of them are already involved with teaching.

Even better: a student can consider paying back his training fees by giving mentoring sessions on other topics that he is skilled in. And why not start making some income before starting his professional life!

Get learning!

Three specializations will be available: web development, digital marketing and design. All of them start off with one same core program.

You can now get started on a part of the web development program on OpenClassrooms. New courses will be added in early 2016 to complete the training program.

Read detailed info on the training program

We firmly believe that these innovations will have a deep and lasting impact on the world of Education as we know it today.

We are delighted and excited to share this new step of the journey with you. We hope you are too!

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