Meet Guillaume, teacher at OpenClassrooms

At OpenClassrooms we believe in quality collaborative education, where you can access the best teachers from around the world, who are also experts in their subject. Aiming to make education accessible to everyone, everywhere, is an ambitious goal. Meet Guillaume Parrou, our marketing expert and one of our teachers here at OpenClassrooms.

Name: Guillaume Parrou
Hometown and country: Bordeaux, France
Working at OC: since June 2016
Job Title: Teacher at OpenClassrooms

Guillaume you’re a teacher at OpenClassrooms, could you tell us about how you work here?

I create courses and projects with a particular focus on marketing, as that’s the area I specialize in. I love creating educational content because of the intellectual variety that goes into each phase of the production cycle. One day I will be brainstorming ideas with colleagues, the next day I will be in an introvert/focus mode for writing, the next I will be acting in front of the camera talking to thousands of people, after that I might do some graphic design to communicate the concepts in a visual way or putting together a website. Every new course is a new stimulating challenge.

How do you think OpenClassrooms is advancing education?

If we keep scaling up, OpenClassrooms will have a real macroeconomic impact on the markets that it will be in. By empowering such large number of people through flexible and affordable education, we make our contribution to filling the employment gaps that plague certain countries.

What do you enjoy most?

I love teaching because I love learning. Every few months I’ll switch from one learning project to another. At the moment, I am learning songwriting. As soon as I reach my learning goal I’ll move on to something else. I guess that makes ‘learning’ my actual hobby. I am addicted to the cognitive ecstasy that comes with understanding a new concept, learning a new move or using a new skill.

It sounds like learning is your hidden talent. What inspired you to be where you are today?

That’s right. Self-directed learning turned my life around and enabled me to become who I wanted to be. I read a great book called ‘Accelerated learning techniques’,  by Brian Tracy, which helped me learn how to learn effectively. Now I’m working at OpenClassrooms to share this passion with as many people as possible because creating online open courses is one way of doing that.
On a more personal note, I also love writing and performing rap!

So you’re a secret rapper!

I guess you could say that 🙂

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