OpenClassrooms Launches Curriculum in the U.S.!

OpenClassrooms is excited to announce that we have officially expanded our online education platform to the United States!

We are currently offering iOS Developer, Android Developer, Ruby Developer, Front-end Developer and Product Management career paths in the United States and have plans to offer an additional two paths by the end of the year. Today’s launch in the United States reflects our commitment to bridge today’s technical education gap with our innovative curriculum and by connecting corporations with top talent, trained specifically for the company’s needs.

The United States job market has a serious demand for qualified professionals who possess a specific set of digital skills, and OpenClassrooms aims to empower individuals with the training they need to enter the rapidly growing U.S. technology market. Currently, there are more than 627,000 unfilled tech occupations in the U.S. and digital careers are showing large margins of projected growth. Mobile application developer, for example, was ranked the ‘Best Job in America’ in 2017 and boasts a 19 percent projected career growth over the next ten years. OpenClassrooms has two of the leading mobile application developer career paths for iOS and Android, and we can provide U.S. consumers with the education and training necessary to secure a top-ranked job in America, among other desirable technology careers.

As part of OpenClassrooms’ debut in the U.S., we’re also kicking off our ‘Dream On’ initiative, which is an opportunity for “Dreamers” who are recognized by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy (DACA). ‘Dream On’ allows qualified DACA “Dreamers” to pursue lifelong education from OpenClassrooms with a Premium Solo membership, which provides unlimited access to all OpenClassrooms’ courses, free of cost. As of Sept. 4, more than 690,000 “Dreamers” were enrolled in DACA.

“Lifelong learning knows no borders, no barriers and should require little beyond a strong sense of self-discipline, hard work and dedication in order to succeed,” Dubuc continued. “It’s time that high-quality, flexible, skills-based education become accessible to everyone, and our ‘Dream On’ program — which is a free opportunity for “Dreamers” to pursue lifelong education — is an excellent example of how we plan to make education accessible to everyone, in every community.”

For more information on our U.S. launch, please visit here. Additional information around our ‘Dream On’ initiative may also be found here.

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  1. C’est super. Quand t’est ce que Openclassrooms lancera son programme d’étude au Canada ?

    • Vous pouvez suivre les cours d’OpenClassrooms de n’importe où dans le monde. Pour accéder à tous nos cours en français, il suffit de changer la langue sur le site avec le bouton en bas

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