ROUND-UP: Teaching Basketball Online, Earning $100,000+ and Avoiding Burnout

Five stories from around the web this week. From learning basketball online from an NBA star to modernizing the chalkboards and textbooks of years gone by, here are some things that happened in the world of tech and education last week.

      1. 56% of students want more lecture recordings and e-textbooks.

According to research from McGraw-Hill Education, the majority of students have seen a positive impact on their grades thanks to technology in the classroom. The findings show that digital learning offers a more customized experience for the student, resulting in overall better grasp of concepts.

Read more on Campus Technology.

     2. Of all of the things you could learn online, why not basketball? 

The line between online and offline is being truly blurred. As part of a collaboration with MasterClass, NBA star Stephen Curry is creating an online course to learn about ball-handling, footwork and shooting like a pro.

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      3. Here are 20 jobs that will earn you over $100,000.

SPOILER: 6 of them are tech jobs and OpenClassrooms has programs for three of them.

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      4. How we should be tackling the global learning problem

More kids are getting access to schools but how we do make sure they’re learning? This TED Talk from Amel Karboul looks into how Brazil is using live streams to reach students deep in the Amazonas, making education accessible and efficient for all.

Watch the video on TED Talks

     5. Teaching is daunting and teaching online is particularly hard – be aware of burnout

Teaching online has the benefits of being able to reach thousands of people from the comfort of your own home, often from your pyjamas. One of the first steps to avoiding burnout is getting over the notion that online teaching isn’t real teaching.

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