ROUND-UP: Employers Willing To Pay 20% Over Market Salaries, Monetizing Apps

From robots to new showers in college dorms, here are five news stories around tech and education from around the web.

     1. Kids in India have used online courses to build robots

School kids in India have been making robots to clean up beaches and serve dishes at a restaurant thanks to online courses and small building kits. The scheme has already trained 4,500 kids in the country.

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     2. Apparently, firms could be willing to pay 20% above market rates for a quality developer.

Quality candidates are hard to come by and firms are more and more willing to take on developers who can show potential and traditional education isn’t producing these types of candidates anymore.

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     3. No money? No problem – online education can help with that.

Ultimately, college degrees pay off. However, for lower income families, financial and work constraints mean many don’t have access to higher education. Online courses stand to change that.

Read more on Boston Globe.

    4. Turns out all that money you’d pay for tuition fees goes on construction, not education…

During the college search, many high school students keep their focus on infrastructure. You’d be surprised how much of your tuition fees private schools will put towards keeping up appearences.

Read more on Study Breaks.

     5.  Got an app idea? Make it free and consider these six ways to monetize it.

There are other ways than charging a one-off $2.99 purchase fee, don’t you know?

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