Accreditation At OpenClassrooms And What It Means For Your Situation

Before embarking on a program which will change the path of your future career, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself in for. In a time where you can basically do anything on the internet, you need to know the course you’re taking is trustworthy and will provide value for you in the future. We’re going to take you through how accreditation works with us and how our diplomas are seen across the world depending on your situation.

OpenClassrooms is a state-recognized higher education establishment in France meaning all of our diplomas are certified and accredited. But what does that mean for you and your future plans if you’re not in France? Let’s see.

You’ve never been to college but want to get a tech job…


Our bachelor-level diplomas prove to future employers that you’ve committed the time and dedication to master the skills they are looking for. As long as you have this, where you studied is of increasingly little importance these days. Recruiters want to see how well you know your stuff and if you’re ready to hit the ground running if they hire you.

OpenClassrooms focuses its teaching around projects, meaning you’ll get hands-on experience putting into practice everything you’ve learned and you’ll even have a solid portfolio to complement your bachelor-level diploma at the end. 

You’re looking to qualify to enroll onto a master’s degree…


If you’re looking to join a traditional higher education institution in Europe, most universities will recognize your OpenClassrooms bachelor-level diploma and will grant you access to their courses, providing you meet their other requirements such as language and entrance exams.

If you’re outside of Europe, you are likely to find many universities will be willing to accept you but you would need to talk to each individual admissions office beforehand since there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer.

We currently offer two master-level programs which require you to have a bachelor-level qualification. You can study that bachelor-level diploma with us or, if you’ve worked in your field of work for a while but have no formal certificate, you can convert your experience into a diploma thanks to the VAP process.

You’re looking to change careers….


Many employers will ask for a degree for technical positions, but it acts more as a filter than anything else. An accredited bachelor-level diploma from OpenClassrooms shows that you have mastered the competencies needed for the job, and this is backed up by the portfolio you’ll have thanks to our project-based learning method. The fact that you took your future into your own hands and decided to learn a new skill and change jobs will just be added brownie points in the eyes of the recruiter. 

You’re looking to start up your own company but need technical skills….


The reason why so many people study before hitting the workforce is to get a solid understanding of the career they are about to launch into. This shouldn’t be any different if you’re looking to work for yourself. You might not be required to have an accredited bachelor-level diploma to start your own business, but should things not work out or you decide you’d like to join a company at a later date, having this certified qualification could prove very useful when talking with recruiters.


Are you up for a challenge? A career change?

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