Back to School Season with OpenClassrooms

Back-to-school season is approaching fast! Students of all ages are getting ready to strap on their book bags and rejoin their classmates for another year. 

But back-to-school does not only apply to students enrolled in traditional school systems. Back-to-school applies to all of us – working professionals, those just starting out and those looking to change direction –  throughout our careers. 

As Albert Einstein wrote,  “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” 

This lifestyle approach has never been more tactical than it is today as technology and communications accelerate with great speed. 

Keep yourself up-to-date, regularly improve your craft, and you will reap the benefits in your career.  

Tune up with our courses

Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out articles on the OpenClassrooms blog featuring freely accessible OpenClassrooms courses that will help you sharpen your professional skills. 

They will cover a range of subjects including transferable skills such as working in teams and speaking in public as well as technical skills including learning how to code and advanced techniques in project management.

Follow along this back-to-school journey, discovering skills that will help you be more effective in the workplace and more attractive to future employers.

Every freely accessible course found on OpenClassrooms is one of many building blocks that make up our fully-accredited, career programs. This is not only an opportunity to improve your professional skills but also an introduction to OpenClassrooms’s unique way of teaching. 

Course #1: Learn how to Learn

As you commit to learning new skills – especially if it has been a while since you have sought out training – you could likely us a bit of perspective to help motivate you and propel you forward.

In our first featured course, we present to you, “Learn how to Learn” on the OpenClassrooms platform. It is full of Ah-ha moments that will reinforce your commitment to tuning up your professional skill set. 

Replete with tips and techniques that will make learning easier and more efficient, this course is the best place to start when you are diving back into education.

Learn about the Course

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    1. Hi Rajeev, all our courses and full programs are 100% online. So even in Covid times, we are here for you!

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