10 reasons to become a web developer with OpenClassrooms

Have you dreamed of changing careers or becoming a web developer? Find out how easily you can make the transition by earning our internationally recognized bachelor-level diploma in web development:

    1. Web development offers huge career potential: developers are cited as the #1 tech job in terms of growth with a predicted rise of 27% by 2024, and salaries are well above average. A junior web developer can earn up to £45,000 per year.


    1. Our diploma is internationally accredited so your qualification will be recognized throughout Europe. You can study and work anywhere.


    1. It’s a good investment: you can get your digital qualifications in as little as 12 months for £3,400. That’s 5 times less than three years of tuition fees at a university (on average £27,000).


    1. It’s fully online: the courses, the tests, the certification, the mentoring. We believe that being online is the key to making education accessible to everyone.


    1. It’s flexible: you can start whenever and our training goes at your own pace. Wherever you are, whenever you want, learning can match your rhythm. You decide!


    1. You’ll never walk alone: we have a community of more than 2 million members with whom you can exchange, ask questions, and share ideas. Whether you need guidance or seek inspiration, there’s someone there for you.


    1. You’ll be prepared for real life: our courses are created by experts and industry insiders. Our projects and courses give you great practice and experience you can use when you start your next job!


    1. Anyone can join: to get started, you simply need to read and understand English and have a broadband connection. No other requirements!


    1. Your mentor is there for you: personalized tutoring is the key. You can rely on a mentor to help you grow and achieve your goals. Your mentor is an expert coach who will tailor your learning experience to your needs.


    1. The expertise of OpenClassrooms: we’ve already helped thousands of students develop their digital skills, get trained in new fields, and graduate from our fully online paths. We can also help you earn your diploma!


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