Why Mentorship Is Key To Successful Online Learning

Online Learning

Are you ready to embark on a new learning journey? Yes, but maybe not all alone? 

Online learning, however exciting and flexible it may be, can be frustrating. Sometimes you’ll find yourself staring blankly at the screen because you can’t get your head around an exercise. Sometimes you’ll replay an instructional video back to yourself 3 times because you’re not fully grasping the concept. Of course you’re frustrated! That’s totally normal.

To help you overcome these obstacles, OpenClassrooms has the magic key to ensure you’re constantly progressing:

At OpenClassrooms, learning revolves around two key elements: projects and mentorship.

Our mentors are experts in their field and their mission is very simple: help you to achieve your goals. Once a week, your dedicated mentor will work with you on your projects, assign you additional exercises and give you that extra dose of extra you may need.

The mentoring sessions all take place online via video conference and last around one hour, so you really are able to exchange and build a relationship with your mentor.  

It’s also important to feel like you have someone supporting you all the way through your learning experience. Students are able to contact their mentors at any time of day via email to get additional support where needed.

You’ll never walk alone at OpenClassrooms. On top of having access to personalized individual support, you’ll also be part of a wider community of students. When signing up to our web development bachelor-level diploma, you’ll get access to Workplace, a collaborative platform run by Facebook, where you’ll be to talk and chat to fellow students, as well as interact with your teacher and student advisor.

Amp up your online education with some face time with an expert. If you’re only just considering online education, a good place to start is by seeing what programs we have on offer. Perhaps you’re further along in the decision making progress, in which case, why not book a call with our Student Advisors to learn more about the logistics of your program?

Aneta, a student on the program and from the UK, says:

“I think the mentor support and mentoring sessions are extremely helpful as it’s hard to know where to start with a project. I can only do this course with the support of someone experienced.”


Tyler, a student on the program and from Canada, says:

“So far I’m really enjoying the courses. I find them very easy to follow and if i do have any trouble withanything my mentor helps me out.The mentoring sessions are going very well. He is very friendly and helpful.”


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