What €300 A Month DOESN’T Get You

What is €300 a month to you? Let us tell you what it won’t be with OpenClassrooms.

€300 a month is NOT… scouring the internet to paste together an education

Being ‘time poor’ is a real thing, so don’t waste the hours you do have trawling the internet for a suitable course to take you to the next level in your learning journey. Sure, you can cut and paste together all the free courses the internet has to offer, but that is a LOT of time spent going through Google.

If you’re low on time, you need a well thought-out course and for all the resources to be in one place. We’ll tell you what you need to learn in what order, and make sure all the course content is at your fingertips.

€300 a month is NOT… queuing to see your professor after class

Nor is it sending an email and not getting a reply for four days. There’s nothing worse than being stuck on an assignment and feeling like you’re going around in circles.

With us, You’ll get an hour a week to talk one-on-one with an expert in your field of study. The subject of conversation? You. Your problems, your questions, your big ideas. And in the meantime, there’s always Workplace.

€300 a month is NOT… hitting the job market empty-handed

So you think you can code? Employers want to see the goods, not just the certificate. Anyone can study, but presenting your own work will help you stick out from the crowd.

Projects are assignments in the form of real life briefs you could be faced with, so by the end of your program, you’ll be able to pull together working examples of your work without ever having to hunt your own clients.

€300 a month is NOT… leaving higher education eye-ball deep in debt

Whether you go public or private, higher education costs a pretty penny. Don’t forget to factor in the living expenses, too. After three years of full-time study and part-time working, you’re looking at coming about of school with tens of thousands in student debt.

12 months (or even less) of part-time study for €300 a month is a considerably lighter load to carry, that’s for sure.

€300 a month is NOT… working a part-time job you hate

You can probably handle a couple of shifts on the weekends at your local gas station/grocery store/coffee shop, but how far is that money going to get you? And quite frankly, aren’t there other ways you’d rather spend your time?

To complete a program in 12 months, we recommend spending 25 hours a week studying. That leaves enough time for you to keep up your day job and earn some serious money while you gear up for your next career move.

€300 a month is NOT… money you’ll never see again

The promise of a big life change and ultra employability sounds great, doesn’t it? But there’s always the risk of putting in all the time and money but never seeing the desired outcome.

We put our money where our mouths are. We teach the skills needed for the careers of tomorrow and are so certain that you’ll find a job within 6 months of graduation that we promise to reimburse your tuition fees if you don’t.  

€300 a month is NOT… a big deal when you see how much you stand to earn

Right now, €300 might equate to groceries for a month or tickets home for the next holiday, Equipped with the right skills, you can not only find yourself in a job you love, but one which also pays the bills and then some.

According to Indeed, six of the top 20 jobs that pay more than €100,000 a year are tech jobs, and we offer programs in three of them. With that salary, you’ll have earned back your tuition fees in just two weeks.


Make the investment in your future. Start when you like, finish when you like. Discover a career in coding right here.

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