A new milestone in OpenClassrooms’ history

OpenClassrooms just entered a new dimension.

We just raised sixty million dollars, which means that a group of American and European investors have just decided to acquire some of the company’s capital; it also means that OpenClassrooms will benefit from a substantial amount of money to pursue its growth.

Since none of this would have been possible without the continuous support of the OC community, we wanted to tell you a little more about this.

Who are these investors?


Among the largest of them General Atlantic stands out: they’re one of the largest investment companies in the US. Over the past months we’ve had lengthy talks with GA to make sure we’re perfectly aligned: we’re ready to grow, but not at any price. It was of paramount importance for us to have all potential partners agree on our mission, and what that mission means over the long term.

What are we going to do with that money?


Our mission, quite simply. Since the beginning of the OC adventure our aim has always been to make education accessible – to everyone, all over the globe. We aim for one million OC students placed in the workforce every year in 2025: the commitment is huge, and we need fuel to fulfill it. The money will allow us to create new paths, and also to conquer new students especially across English-speaking countries. For existing OpenClassrooms students and the community, this investment will help us improve the existing offer.

Two additional points, as a conclusion: OpenClassrooms wants to grow, we have plenty of ambition and the willingness to transform this company into a major player in the education field, at a global level. However, we want to do this without losing sight of our mission. We’ve started the official process to become a mission-driven company, fully registered in France; we’ll tell you more about this process shortly.

And a last word: thank you. Thanks to all of you, students, mentors, professors, partners all over the globe. A big thank you to all those who, day after day, build the OpenClassrooms community.

Pierre Dubuc, Mathieu Nebra.

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