OpenClassrooms and team up to help freelancers thrive

OpenClassrooms, with the support of, has launched the first online school dedicated to independent workers.

Our mission at OpenClassrooms endures: to make education accessible to everyone, everywhere. A big part of that mission is to make sure we are providing the most relevant professional education and training that will enable our students to advance their careers. Our latest endeavor, focusing on the education and training needs of independent workers, is no exception.

OpenClassrooms is committed to helping independent workers.

Today, freelancers no longer make up a marginal group of the workforce. They are part of a growing global movement driven by a desire for professional autonomy and accessibility. As freelance employment opportunities have evolved over the past decade, so have challenges around running a freelance business and developing long-term careers. OpenClassrooms and have joined forces to provide targeted solutions for freelancers everywhere.

The first step was to fully understand the needs of independent workers in regard to professional training, especially those working with digital platforms. To do so, we partnered with Uber, Deliveroo, and Stuart to conduct a survey.

Close to 2,500 freelancers across France, the United Kingdom, and Belgium participated. Results revealed that an astounding 90% were hoping to evolve professionally past their current positions. In essence, they see their freelance employment as a temporary fix until they will move on to a new career. A small fraction see working in the gig-economy as a long-term solution, unaware of or without the training for other opportunities.

With a new initiative called, Level Up by OpenClassrooms, we are helping freelancers gain the skills and knowledge they need to advance their careers.

As part of the Level Up program, we have created 12 custom courses built specifically for freelancers. These courses help them understand the changing landscape of digital jobs; how to set up and run their freelance businesses smoothly; how to plan their career paths; and how to find a job. These modules also teach fundamental business skills such as business writing, speaking publicly, working in teams and working autonomously.

Any freelancer could benefit from these courses along with 300 other courses already accessible on our platform. To sign up, one simply needs a Premium Solo account with OpenClassrooms. For independent workers employed by Uber, Deliveroo, Stuart, Malt and any other partners, access to these courses is completely FREE. Find out more about our custom freelancer courses here

OpenClassrooms is offering 100 full-ride scholarships for deserving students.

Level Up by OpenClassrooms is going a step further, giving 100 scholarships to deserving freelancers. These scholarships will cover 12-months of study with OpenClassrooms – the average study time to earn a bachelor’s-level diploma. Freelancers can choose from 3 bachelor’s-level diploma programs for jobs high in demand. Learn how to apply for a scholarship here.

Recipients of this program receive a Premium Plus account with OpenClassrooms which always comes with a professional mentor who accompanies students during one-on-one, weekly sessions throughout their studies. The account also includes career coaching at the end of their diploma program to help find a job.  

Level Up by OpenClassrooms is a great opportunity for freelancers with flexible schedules to find time to work and study, levelling up their business acumen and their professional skills, guiding them toward their professional dreams.

Hear from one of our students:

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