5 Tips for Sticking to Your Studies Over the Holidays

The idea of a “study holiday” seems like such a contradiction! Who wants to study during their ‘holiday’?…

YOU! And here’s why – You made a really smart choice in deciding to study with OpenClassrooms – and it is going to lead to exciting things when you are finished – so in this article you will find our top five ways to help you stay motivated to stick with your studies during the holidays.

  1. Set realistic goals with your mentor

During the holidays there is fun to be had, and other pulls on your time.  Your available study hours are bound to reduce, so accept this fact. Recognize that the key to holiday study success is to plan the reduction, rather than seeing it as a failure.

Connect with your mentor to help define your goals. Set goals for the entire holiday period and daily goals, as well.

  1. Make a study plan

Look at the time you have available over the holidays. Consider the social and other commitments that the holidays will demand, and see how you can make your study time work best around them.  

Write your study plan down in a schedule, and – here’s the key thing – stick to it!

The more you plan, and the more carefully considered it is, the more successful you will be. Also consider sharing your plan with your family members or travel companions so they can give you the space you need. 

  1. Choose where to study

Over the holidays, you may not be in your own home. You could be traveling to visit family or on vacation to a new destination. As soon as you arrive, scope out the place to decide where you will make your study spot.

Most people work best when it is quiet. Keep doors closed, and make sure people around you know that you need to focus. If that’s not a possibility, you may prefer to escape to a cafe or library nearby where you can carve out some space to study.

  1. Avoid distractions

During the holidays, we get lots of texts and calls. While you are studying, now more than ever, be sure to turn off your mobile phone, or put it on airplane mode, and keep social media closed on your internet browser!

Be mindful of anything that is likely to be a distraction, and remove it.

  1. Remember your long term goals

If you are finding that holiday festivities are tempting you to avoid studying, remind yourself why you decided to pursue your diploma program in the first place. These were the reasons you started the course, and these are the reasons that should motivate you now. Consider discussing them with your mentor to keep them fresh in your mind.

Enjoy the holidays, and let us know how your studies go!

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