How to Become a Web Developer #4: Think Ahead!

Now that you know what you want to do with your skills in HTML, CSS or JavaScript, you need to visualize your future career as a web developer.

Step 4: Look to the future

Before embarking on any new career, you need to take a look at the job market, consider future employment opportunities and choose the most efficient qualification. Here are a few stats on web development to get you started:

  • 700,000 unfilled jobs in 2020:

The figure estimated by the European Commission due to a severe digital skills shortage. Almost half of the EU population – 47 percent – lack proper digital skills.

  • $70,000:

The average salary for web development postings on job website Indeed, which concluded that seven of the top ten best jobs this year are in software engineering and development.

  • 52%

The percentage of developer jobs requiring or preferring a diploma in the US, according to Stack Overflow. Although a diploma is not essential to become a professional developer, it shows employers that you have the skills they’re looking for.  Add to this a professional portfolio like the one you’ll develop on our Frontend Developer Path, and you’ll be able to choose the job you like.

One thing is certain: as a developer you’ll be joining an industry with huge potential for growth and a hunger for talent. Whether you want to work at Facebook or start your own business, research job prospects to ensure you give yourself the best start possible.  

If you would like to fast track your career as a web developer, check out our bachelor-level diploma here, or book a call with a student advisor to find out more!

Are you ready for Step Five tomorrow?

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