How to Become a Web Developer #5: Get Started!

Step five: Ready, Steady, Code!

You’ve researched the job and know this is the right career for you. You have set your goals, done your homework and determined the best way to achieve them. You’re ready to go!

It’s time to flex your fingers and start coding!

If you want a recognized qualification offering excellent career prospects, read more about our online bachelor-level diploma in web development. Here’s a summary:

To ensure our students reach their goals, our unique, 100% online method uses one-to-one mentoring to keep our students on track, and it truly makes a difference. The Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute has conducted extensive research, and concludes that mentoring is central to the success of online learners. During your weekly videoconference session your mentor will guide and support you throughout your diploma, validating each of your professional projects and coaching you all the way to your dream job.

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See you soon on OpenClassrooms!

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