8 Reasons To Become A Mobile Developer

Are you considering becoming a developer but not sure what kind of development to pursue? If so, be sure to consider mobile development as weigh the pros and cons of each field of development.

In this article, we discuss compelling reasons to study mobile development, to help you along your way:

Mobile developers earn more money

Mobile developers earn around $72,000 a year on average compared to $58,000 for a web developer. The difference in salaries is largely down to the current high demand for mobile developers and relatively low supply.

Smartphone usage is constantly on the up

More than half of the world’s population uses a smartphone. Market penetration is increasing at an unprecedented rate, which translates into more apps, more functionalities and more dependance on mobile.

There is a huge demand for mobile developers

According to data from StackOverflow, iOS and Android development are two of the top three areas suffering from high demand and low supply.

You can make money by selling an app

If you’re able to develop your own mobile app, you might be able to generate a revenue stream by making it available for purchase in the App Store or on Google Play. You just need the great idea, some mobile development skills and the sky is your limit.

You can learn online without leaving your current job

With online learning becoming ever more accessible, you can even stay at your current job while you learn mobile development. You can study iOS or Android development on OpenClassrooms and study at your own pace, fitting it into your current schedule.

Developing mobile applications has a more direct impact on the end user

Unlike front-end or back-end web development, building a mobile application has a more direct and immediate impact on the end user.  Being able to access things like location, contacts and schedule makes the user experience more personalised so if you’re someone who seeks to work on impactful projects, mobile development could be for you.

You’ll be joining a community

There is an enormous number of mobile developers out there and many of them can be found online. If ever you’re struggling on a project, or you’d just like to exchange with like-minded people, a whole community is just a click away.

You’ll be constantly learning

The mobile development landscape is not only relatively new, but is also always evolving. For life long learners and those who are afraid of getting bored with their job, with mobile development you’ll always find something new to work on.

Are you ready to make the jump?

If you’re seriously considering the jump to mobile development, OpenClassrooms can help you achieve your goals.

Our online diploma programs are self-paced and project-focused, meaning you’ll be learning by doing. You’ll also have weekly, one-on-one mentoring sessions with an industry professional to accompany you on your learning journey.

We are so confident in our learning model, we guarantee you will find a job within six months of graduation, or your money back.

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  1. I’m 54 years old, no college, just a high school graduate. Do you honestly feel like it’s worth the money, time and effort to go back to school aft my age.

    1. To be honest, it depends what your goals are? 54 years old is not too old to go back to studying and on the job market, especially if this is something you really wish to do. Ask yourself: is it really what I want to do? Would it be fulfilling a passion? If so, go for it… age should not be a factor in the decision making process!

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