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Over the last several decades, technology has revolutionized everything it’s touched. Industries like transportation, agriculture, healthcare and retail have all seen great advancements in their technologies, allowing for new and improved methods and systems for companies to take advantage of. Perhaps one of the most noticeable areas where new technology has allowed for innovation is education – and honestly, it’s one of the most needed!

Online courses, databases, ebooks and other technologies have allowed education to break away from the traditional “classroom learning” style and allow for a more “flexible learning” style. In the last 25 years, more than 70 percent of college students have worked in some capacity while attending school. With a flexible learning style, a student wouldn’t have to worry about managing their time and can find an equilibrium between work and school.  

Flexible learning allows for you, the student, to be in total control of your education. It enables the student to choose what, when, where and how they want to learn. Imagine being at a restaurant, but instead of being given options of food, you are simply given all available ingredients and are allowed to customize your order. Over the last decade, the number of students taking online courses in the United States has reached almost 6 million, with 28 percent of all higher education students being involved in online courses. Flexible learning has allowed for a more personalized education for students, and millions of people around the world are taking full advantage of it.

At OpenClassrooms we’ve made it possible for our students to be as flexible with their education as they’d like. Many of our students manage a full-time job as well as their career path, learning on their own time at their own pace. We also ensure all our students are connected with a personal mentor and hold one-on-one meetings every week. This builds a personal connection that oftentimes is missing in a traditional setting in which a class hosts 25 or more students. In addition, all our courses are designed for specific careers. This allows you to explore multiple paths to find the one that best fits you.

So, as you begin to plan your educational journey, take the time to find what is best for you. Explore our site to find the right career path and learning style that fits your needs. Join the millions of people across the globe who are joining the #EducationRevolution and breaking away from the classroom.

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