The Day in the Life of a Web Developer

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work as a web developer? If you want to start a career in this field, you might be interested to know what your day will look like. We’re putting you in the shoes of a web developer and describing you a typical day at the office… Here’s how it would go:

9h15: arrival time at the startup


You’ve just entered the office and said hi to your colleagues. At work, you’re organized in teams and as you would have guessed, you’re part of the tech team.

Within your team you’ll find:

  • Jo, an experienced developer who specialized in backend development (PHP) whereas you’re more focused on frontend with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Victor, an intern who’s been here for only 2 weeks
  • Matthew, the CTO. He’s pretty much in charge of everything: planning, management, recruitment. He knows how to code of course but is here to oversee the whole team in order for everything to run smoothly.

You’ve got a big project to work on called SuperPizza and take the opportunity to talk about it… just before your stand up meeting at 9.30am.

9h30: stand-up meeting


It’s time for the daily stand-up meeting.

One by one, every person on the team goes through what they achieved the day before and what their tasks for the week are going to be. They can also share their challenges but the meeting itself never takes more than 15 minutes.

9h45-12h30: project work


You’re back to working on the integration of a product page for the SuperPizza project. You’ve made good progress and you’re confident that you’ll finish your task today.

Your task consists of using the mock-up Julie designed and make the site look as close as possible to it. This is what we call web integration.

Most of the code you’ll write will be HTML and CSS but you’ll sometimes need to code in JavaScript to integrate certain functionalities. You’ll use the jQuery library to create more complex things such as a tab system or a slideshow.

The integration itself will be done using HTML and CSS.

12h30-13h30: lunch break


Developers don’t all spend their time eating in front of the computer 😉 You’re out for a well-deserved break with your colleagues.

13h30: back to work


Jo is now ready and has just sent her modifications on the Git repository. That’s where the source code is shared between developers.

You’re able to download the new source code and integrate the price onto the site. That’s what we call teamwork!

16h20: Victor has a problem


Victor works on another page of the SuperPizza project. He asks for help with his CSS code because he cannot manage to do what he wants. You decide to give him a hand. Even if you’re not an experienced developer, you know you can help others by providing a second opinion!

17h00: back to the product page


Helping Victor took more time than expected. You’re starting to worry about whether you’ll end your task on time… thankfully, you’re not far off!

18h10: final touches


The product page looks ready!

You’re sending your Git code to share it with other developers.

You’re warning Matthew, the CTO, that you’re done. His reply is: ‘Great! I’ll have a look at it to check that everything’s in order and I’ll see if there’s any modification to be made. We’ll go over it during tomorrow’s stand up meeting’

You’re asking him what else you can work on. You know there are other sections of the site that need developing, namely the ones on the homepage. Matthew says he’ll attribute the tasks tomorrow.


If you want to see what it’s like to work as a Front-End developer, we interviewed Debbie, one of our first graduates, at the office in Mallorca. She describes her role as Front-End Architect at Bluekiri.


Click here to watch the video


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