Is Becoming a UX Designer Right for You?

UX Design is a growing field integral to the development of quality digital platforms and devices. To help you decide if it is the right career move for you, let’s take a look at why it can be such a rewarding career.

1. You can change people’s lives

If you think it’s over the top to say that UX designers can change people’s lives, just think about what Apple has achieved over the past 15 years. Revolutionary design coupled with incredible user experience has affected the lives of people across the planet.

Being a UX designer is about improving user interfaces across devices, including smartphone browsers, mobile apps and tablets. The UX designer’s job is to make these digital tools feel intuitive while offering a pleasant overall experience for the user.

2. You have a BIG impact on the final product

UX designers have as much of an influence on the final product as a developer or a designer.

Part of their job involves “mapping” all of the possible user journeys in order to predict how people will use the final product. UX designers then test these different journeys using both qualitative and quantitative analysis. The results act as a blueprint for the final product. UX designers can therefore be seen as digital architects.

3. Each project presents a new challenge

UX designers must continually come up with innovative solutions in order to deliver the best possible user experience for each project. Their solutions must be adapted according to client needs, the user type and sector.

You will never get bored as a UX designer. You’ll need to use your analytical skills and creativity each and every day.

4. The job requires both scientific and technical knowledge

You’ll need to have a technical understanding of how an app or a website works “under the hood” in order to be able to communicate with developers. You’ll also need to stay up to date with the latest tech news and developments.

UX designers also need to understand many psychological and sociological principles and to integrate this knowledge into their work.

Intellectual curiosity and versatility are essential qualities of all good UX designers.

5. You’ll be on the frontline of a changing digital landscape

Part a UX designer’s role is to constantly keep an eye on developments in the various fields of digital technology. You’ll need to follow what’s happening on sites such as ProductHunt, TechCrunch and the App Store, as well as paying close attention to new design trends via more specialist websites.

UX design is set to evolve quickly as new devices continue to appear on the market. In the future, you may find yourself working on connected devices or virtual reality, so you’ll constantly be adding to your skill set.

6. You’ll be joining an active and enthusiastic community

Sharing is an integral part of the international UX design culture. Being a part of that community means you’ll be encouraged to share your knowledge, while the community is also there for you should you ever need help with one of your own projects.

Experienced UX designers will often mentor newer ones, with community professionals frequently offering their expertise and giving advice on other designers’ work.

7. You get to choose how you work

Whether it’s as a freelancer or working full-time within a company, in your home country or abroad: it’s up to you to choose how you work. You can decide on the lifestyle you want based on your own needs and preferences.

8. It opens many doors

The variety of skills required to be a UX designer opens the door for many possible career paths. You may decide to continue developing your skills in UX design, or you could choose to move into a related position such as a Product Manager, Web Developer or UI designer. The path you take is entirely up to you.

So, what do you think? Will studying to become a UX designer be your next career move? See our Career Path to earn a bachelor’s-level diploma in UX design.  

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