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The Agile process is a Project Management methodology. Unlike a step-by-step process where each stage has to be worked through before the next one begins (the traditional “Waterfall” approach), the Agile process is continuous and cyclical. 

The phases of Agile Project Management are flexible and evolving.

SCRUM is a type of Agile process framework. It can be applied to the effective building of complex products (such as software, websites, or apps). 

One of the defining characteristics of SCRUM is that members of the team are encouraged to be self-managing. This leads to higher productivity and happier team members. This is why SCRUM is so popular!

The OpenClassrooms’ course, Learn about Agile Project Management and SCRUM, will teach you how to implement and operate Agile Project Management techniques. You will come away understanding the principles and values, and also be able to apply what you have learned practically. 

This course is freely accessible and is also included in the OpenClassrooms’ Digital Project Manager Program as well as our Product Manager Program

In this article, you’ll acquire an understanding of the Agile Manifesto by considering what the different components mean.

The Principles of the Agile Manifesto

This is the Agile Manifesto. It was developed by 17 experts in 2001 and represents a concise summary of the Agile values: 

People over Process

Communication is at the core of Agile development. Individuals and their interactions are of utmost importance to this process. Trust, support, and teamwork are promoted, with transparency in data and actions. 

Working Software over Documentation

This is all about delivering small pieces of working software to the customer at regular intervals, rather than lengthy documentation. Working software can be produced with lightweight requirements (typically a set of tests or scenarios that must be supported).

Collaboration over Contracts

The Agile development goal is to deliver value. This favors flexibility. So, rather than forcing the customer to stick to previous requests, contracts, or requirements; if what the customer needs or wants, changes and evolves, then this can be incorporated. 

Responding to change over Following a Plan

This flexible approach requires regular and frequent feedback. It is common for customers to not know what they want until they see working software. When change is required, the tech team will respond rather than resist – thereby delivering value to the customer.

Want to learn more about Agile Project Management and SCRUM?

Here is the introduction to the free OpenClassrooms course, Learn about Agile Project Management and SCRUM: 


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