Transforming Futures: Bakersfield College and OpenClassrooms Unveil ApprentiTech Connect

California is at the forefront of pioneering apprenticeships in emerging sectors, with a particular focus on technology. Governor Gavin Newsom has set an ambitious target of 500,000 apprentices by 2029. In pursuit of this goal, the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) and its Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) have invested $17 million to expand apprenticeships in sectors such as technology , healthcare, and education .

Apprenticeship programs provide a unique opportunity for individuals to acquire new skills while simultaneously applying them in a real-world work environment. This dual approach allows apprentices to earn a salary, while businesses benefit from a more cost-effective workforce. To make apprenticeships more accessible to employers, strategic partnerships between apprenticeship intermediaries, higher education institutions, and state and local agencies are crucial.

Empowering the Bakersfield Community

In alignment with this vision, OpenClassrooms has joined forces with Bakersfield College to introduce innovative tech apprenticeship programs to the local community. This comprehensive initiative encompasses educating both students and employers about tech apprenticeships, elucidating the associated benefits and funding opportunities, and guiding them through the application and hiring process.

Bakersfield College and OpenClassrooms team.
Bakersfield College and OpenClassrooms team.

The program kicks off with informative sessions for students, followed by webinars for employers. An intimate meet-and-greet provides employers with a platform to delve into detailed questions. Employers interested in hiring an apprentice are invited to participate in our signature event – ​​ApprentiTech Connect. This event serves as a job-matching forum, bringing together qualified students and employers to interview for open roles.

Preparing Students for Success

Recognizing the importance of interview preparation, OpenClassrooms offers qualified students three complimentary webinars. The first focuses on resume evaluation and improvement. The second aids in crafting a compelling personal pitch. The final webinar specifically gears them up for the ApprentiTech Connect event, ensuring they are well-prepared for in-person interviews with potential employers.

A Collaborative Recruitment Effort

ApprentiTech Connect served as a platform for recruiters to engage with multiple talented students vying for various open roles. Conducted on campus, the interviews were a collaborative effort between Bakersfield College and OpenClassrooms. This event fostered genuine connections and paved the way for top-tier talent in areas such as digital marketing , application development , help desk technicians , and data analysis .

“Bakersfield College students were ecstatic about the opportunity to enroll in a program which provides them both the knowledge and paid hands-on experience to be successful in their career endeavors. The partnership with OpenClassrooms and employers lays the foundation to continue building a skilled workforce pipeline for employers while providing career opportunities. Together, we are contributing to economic prosperity within our local communities.

Sabrina Aguilar, Program Director, Kern Community College District

Success Stories and Impact

The event brought together 10 local Bakersfield employers and over 30 students applying for open tech roles. In rapid-fire rounds of 15-minute interviews, employers connected with 4 – 5 candidates for each role. The outcomes were impressive, with one employer extending an apprenticeship offer on the spot. 

“Global CTI’s partnership with Open Classrooms and Bakersfield College has opened up so many exciting opportunities for our business, not to mention the program’s positive impact on our community. The talented young people I met during the event were refreshing and eager to learn. I was so impressed by these well-qualified individuals, I decided to hire one of them as a customer service intern.”

David Kaiser, President & CEO, Global CTI

Join the Experience: Your Business at ApprentiTech Connect

Imagine your business participating in the next ApprentiTech Connect event at Bakersfield College. This is more than just a job done; it’s an immersive experience where opportunities unfold, networks thrive, and the tech and marketing sectors light up with the promise of transformative talent. Be part of an event that redefines apprentice recruitment, showcasing potential and flipping your perspective on talent acquisition. Your next star employee might just be waiting to be discovered at ApprentiTech Connect.

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