How Apprenticeship Programs Transform Professional Paths: Insights from Fanny and Tamia

Two apprentices pictured Tamia and Fanny with a blue outline around them against a dark purple background with stars.
OpenClassrooms apprenticeship graduates, Tamia Mack and Fanny Codecco Grando.

Apprenticeship programs, which combine theoretical training with practical experience, are a true springboard for career transformation. Join us as we explore the inspiring journeys of Fanny Codecco Grando and Tamia Mack, two professionals who revitalized their careers through apprenticeships.

Fanny, 47, transitioned from a literary background to a career as a full-stack developer through an apprenticeship at Société Générale. Quite a leap. Her journey is both rich and unconventional. Trained as an illustrator and graphic designer, she discovered web design, which ultimately led her to programming. “I have a literary background, but it was through web design that I came to programming,” she says, speaking of the magic of CSS and web integration.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a decisive turning point for her. As a job seeker in the midst of a career transition, she seized the opportunity for training funding from the Île-de-France Region and France Travail to embark on a new path in web development.

This career change was not without its challenges. Being autistic, she had to learn to navigate a new environment while facing additional obstacles. “Looking for a job as a beginner in a career change and with a disability was complex, but apprenticeship proved to be an effective solution,” she explains. Societe Generale, committed to inclusion, offered her an environment where she could thrive and application projects that allowed her to grow as a full-stack developer.

Thanks to the support of OpenClassrooms, I developed a methodical approach to my applications, positioning myself as an ideal candidate, adapted to my autism-related peculiarities. – Fanny Codecco Grando

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OpenClassrooms Mission Report – 2024
Tamia Mack explored many paths before finding her way. Currently a Central Planning Support Specialist at Merck, she joined the company as an apprentice through the OpenClassrooms program. This former nail technician dabbled in web development and even foreign exchange markets before finding her true calling. “Despite all these experiences, I was still looking for the career that would truly suit me,” she confides. Her apprenticeship at Merck, a global pharmaceutical company, was a turning point in her professional development.

For nearly two years, she developed skills in SEO, campaign management, and much more. “Not only did I develop my marketing skills, but I also learned to better manage my anxiety and gain more self-confidence,” she adds.

Convinced of the benefits of apprenticeship, she has become an ambassador for them: “Right now, I’m leading an exciting initiative at work. I’m developing a comprehensive shadowing program for new and future apprentices in Skills First positions,” she explains . “The goal is to facilitate the transition from apprenticeship to employment by allowing them to gain practical experience before committing to a position. What motivates me every day is my commitment to continuous learning and my contribution to Merck’s success.”

“This has been a significant step in my life, both professionally and personally.” – Tamia Mack

Apprenticeship programs have also transformed Fanny’s professional life. “With the project-based training model from OpenClassrooms, I’ve developed my self-reliance,” she says. Her skills in mock-up design, application development, and maintenance have solidified, making her a well-rounded and versatile professional who can confidently envision the future. “This experience has been crucial for my well-being and professional progression,” she asserts.

Like Fanny and Tamia, there are success stories of new careers and lasting collaborations, but challenges still remain in the apprenticeship sector. According to Adecco’s 2023 Apprenticeship Barometer, 44% of apprentices struggle to find suitable positions, and 34% of employers have stopped hiring apprentices due to sourcing or administrative issues. To help bridge this gap, OpenClassrooms has established a marketplace that connects apprentices and employers. This initiative aims to streamline recruitment processes and ensure that talents find suitable opportunities and companies discover the exceptional candidates they seek.

For more information on how OpenClassrooms supports apprentices and the companies that hire them, check out our 2024 mission report and explore our marketplace .


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