Max’s career change thanks to OpenClassrooms!

Today we’re going to talk to Max about his career change from chemist to computer programmer, which he trained for using OpenClassrooms’ education platform. He has just landed himself a job as a developer in a startup in Cambridge.

Max, this is a major career change you’ve chosen, how did you manage it?
Actually,  I’ve always loved technology and playing around with computers, so it was something I knew I really wanted to do – kind of a hobby. After finishing my studies in chemistry I thought a lot about my career options, and in the end decided to switch to programming. It was a bit of a risky choice because although I was learning all of the skills I needed on OpenClassrooms, I didn’t have a qualification. I even went to trade fairs to talk to employers and find out what skills they were looking for.

What challenges did you face?
Well, I was worried I couldn’t get an official qualification because I thought it might put employers off – this was before you developed the Bachelor-level diploma in Web Development.

How did you go about convincing your employer?
In the end, it was okay without the diploma because when I went for an interview I had to solve a programming problem, which proved I had the skills. Luckily I had developed some website projects as part of my learning with OpenClassrooms. The projects were still online, so I showed them those at the interview. That was cool. I think it’s great that you’re now offering a recognized qualification.

What courses did you take on OpenClassrooms to train in programming?
I was fascinated by computing and in particular by web technology and so I started learning HTML and CSS. Next, I learned some PHP, then after that, a bit of JavaScript, C and C++. I’m still learning on Open Classrooms, there are so many courses and so many things to learn, it’s great!

What is it you enjoy about learning online?
What I really enjoy about online education is how accessible the courses and videos are. All the content is online, meaning you have it at your fingertips… you can find it quickly when you want it.

Why did you choose OpenClassrooms to learn online?
What I really liked about your platform from the start is how clearly it’s all explained, from the basics upwards. You don’t need to be an expert to follow the courses or learn a new programming language. The courses are aimed at all levels and there are loads of explanations like they’re imagining all the questions you might ask… But the most important thing for me was the practical exercises. You can only really learn through practice. The practical lessons are always fun and concrete, which makes it easier to get to grips with the programming language. Completing projects also meant I had real examples of my work to show at my interview, and that’s what really got me the job.

Max, congratulations on your successful career change and all the best with your new job.

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