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At OpenClassrooms, the key to making us tick are all the great people we have working behind the scenes. One group, our student advisors, play a critical role in the success of our company, but most importantly, our students. They work around the clock making sure all our students have their needs met or questions answered.

This week represents the annual National School Counseling Week, sponsored by the American School Counselor Association. Its purpose is to bring attention to the unique contributions of school advisors within the U.S. school system, but we think it should be recognized all around the globe!

School advisors have a tremendous impact in helping students achieve academic success, while also planning for their future. We’d like to take this week of celebration to recognize all our advisors do for our students and the benefits to having an advisor present in your life.

So, what exactly is an advisor?

Our student advisors are available around the clock to answer your questions

Generally speaking, advisors are faculty members who offer advice to students on their personal life, academic progress or their career path (among a plethora of other things). So, how does an advisor benefit someone in these areas?

In education, an advisor can help students as they run into challenges during classes, get them prepared for upcoming tests or projects, and even assist with college or job applications for the future. They also act as a stimulus for students, encouraging and motivating them to explore numerous career paths.

Aside from education, advisors are the go-to experts and role models when looking for advice and tips for professional development as one climbs up the corporate ladder. They also serve as a gateway for networking and triaging opportunities, having a true pulse on who’s who in their respective industry. Lastly, advisors are incredibly helpful when it comes to goal assessments and career growth strategies. Chances are, they’ve had a lot of experience with that themselves, so are easily able to give recommendations drawing from their many years of expertise.

In one’s personal life, advisors are there to serve as your guide to life challenges and opportunities. They’re the experts you can count on to help sort out and plan short- and long-term financial goals – among other milestones you’re aiming for! Above all, advisors help steer toward what you have your sights on, whether related to relationships, interests or other types of personal growth.

Here at OpenClassrooms, we connect all our learners with a network of student advisors. They work extremely close with our students, consistently collaborating with them up to the moment they find a job. They’re here to give you guidance on courses, providing support whenever necessary. This gives our students a morale boost while simultaneously keeping track if you’re on the right path to reaching your educational and career goals.

Above all, the close connection between students and advisors gives everyone a chance to foster important peer-to-peer and peer-to-mentor relationships. This incorporates one aspect of the human element that’s so often lacking in online learning, while also building a sense of community and teamwork. You’re in good company being in touch with people who are working toward the same goal and share similar professional motivations.

What do our mentors say?

Student talking to a mentor via video conference.

“Helping people grow has always been a passion of mine,” said Josh Fluke, a mentor based in the U.S. “Yes, I help with code, but I get to help them develop an attitude to push past challenges, and stay excited at the same time. I’ve attended a code camp as well and went on to successfully changed careers – so I know what it takes.”

But advising isn’t a one-way street. Josh acknowledges his students have also helped with his personal and professional growth. “Watching my students have that moment when it ‘clicks’ and seeing them progress is the most enjoyable part of mentoring students. It’s a great way to expand past my day job and maintain a well-rounded knowledge base of other technologies currently being used in the space.”

Advisors – regardless if it’s for one’s career, education or personal life – may not always get the recognition they deserve, but they play a vital role in the lives of students and professionals alike, setting them up for success. To all advisors out there, thank you for the hard work and passion you exhibit every day. The impact you have doesn’t go unnoticed! So, during this week of celebration, we invite you to give thanks to an advisor who has helped you throughout your life.

Want to hear another story? Meet Mike Preble from Maine, USA, also mentor at OpenClassrooms.

Do you have any questions?

Want to talk to an advisor and discuss your future? Our team of advisors is available every day of the week to answer any questions you may have and guide you to success. To connect with an advisor today, visit

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