Meet a Mentor: Mike Preble, Old Town, Maine

Beginning today, we are proud to introduce our newest blog series–‘Meet a Mentor’–which aims to highlight the excellent team of mentors we have on-staff at OpenClassrooms, who help guide our students through their career paths. OpenClassrooms firmly believes that the human element of learning is vital, even in an online setting. As such, we provide our students with access to a one-on-one mentor who can adapt training to meet student needs, provide guidance and support via video chats and motivate students to meet their goals.

Our mentors are passionate and qualified resources for our students. Mike Preble of Old Town, Maine, embodies all of OpenClassrooms’ education values and has more than 10 years of experience helping learners bridge the gap between education and employment across programming, computational thinking and digital sciences. Here’s a little more on Mike’s story:

Mike Preble is an OpenClassrooms mentor based in Old Town, Maine, with extensive experience in software development and education programs at university and high school levels. Before joining OpenClassrooms, Mike worked as a trainer, software developer and IT administrator in private industries. In addition, Mike previously served as a teacher, project coordinator and program manager at United Technologies Center, the University of Southern Maine and the University of New England.

In 2014, Mike founded The Maine Game, an after-school program where highly motivated, ambitious and talented high school students come together to design successful video game through the process of programming, art, marketing and more. Now in its fourth year, the program helps high school and college students develop video games for multiple non-profit organizations in the state of Maine.

Drawing from his students’ collective passion and work ethic, Mike has a commitment to creating rigorous and relevant programs for learners at all levels and abilities. He fuses his professional experiences in software development and information technology with a talent for designing engaging and impactful learning experiences.

“When I started developing software 17 years ago, it was difficult to find relevant, cutting-edge education resources to help me stay current in a highly competitive profession,” said Mike. “I have always had a passion for learning, which directed me to education; I am proud to partner with OpenClassrooms to help individuals from around the world find success in emerging, competitive technology fields.”

In his role at Open Classrooms, Mike supports students worldwide in self-paced, applied learning experiences that will allow students to bridge the gap between the classroom and workplace while developing their own learning passions and pathways.

Enjoyed reading about how Mike brings his unique expertise and professional experience to OpenClassrooms? Want to learn about who else OpenClassrooms is proud to have as a mentor? Stay tuned for our next Meet a Mentor blog post, which will feature another remarkable individual who is helping motivate out students to excel in their studies and careers!

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