Why Should I Become an iOS Developer?

Let’s imagine you’ve decided mobile development is the future (it kinda is), and are considering iOS over Android, but you just need that piece of information to swing the vote. This article should be of help.

Here are five reasons to begin your learning adventure in the world of iOS:

1. You’ll be working with a technology you are passionate about

Apple fans are some of the most diehard fans out there (have you seen the queues for new product releases?!), so if you’ve chosen to go down the path of iOS, it’s probably because you have a penchant for the platform. We’re always told to find something we love and make a career out of it, so for an Apple lover, you’ll (probably) be happy to get out of bed and code each day.

2. You’re likely to make more $$$ on iOS

Android has way more market penetration than iOS, but if you’re looking to make money by selling your app or through in-app purchases, iOS is the way to go. Android is super popular in emerging markets where disposable income is low, but iOS device owners typically come from higher income households and are much more willing to spend on apps.

3. iOS developer tools are more sophisticated

As you would expect, iOS developer tools are much like Apple products – sleek and easy to use – making your day job a lot nicer. Xcode, the main tool available to iOS developers, has been around for longer than its Android equivalent, so the level of maturation is much higher.

4. iOS is considered easier for beginners

Known for being limited and structured, there are many rules you’ll need to follow to get your app published in the App Store. That’s not such a bad thing though! All the restrictions mean you’re much less likely to go off track when developing, making it easier for newbies to learn.

5. There’ll be less updates to make

Operating system (OS) adoption is higher on Apple’s small army of devices, so you’ll be spending much less time updating and more time on making it the best app ever. Because Android is open to a whole host of devices, you can find yourself having to update your app for the very numerous OS versions, making your work not only more consequent, but also super repetitive.

So, there you have it. If this article has helped clear things up for you and you’re firmly convinced you should become an iOS developer, there’s just one thing left to do: start learning!

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