Meet Debbie: It Took Her Only 8 Months to Become a Front-End Architect

Each day we look forward to seeing our students around the world succeed as they grow and navigate within their chosen career path. We’re even more thrilled when our students become graduates and get a job in their dream role!

Our goal has always been to make a quality education accessible to people from all walks of life and, as we continue to expand, we want to give our passionate students and grads the recognition they deserve.

Today, we are proud to highlight Debbie from Mallorca, Spain. She knew she needed a change in career. Knowing her dream was to be a programmer and after months of searching for the right educational program, Debbie found OpenClassrooms.

8 months later she found the programming job of her dreams. Hear her story:

“I took a step back from life… and started to look at what made me happy,” said Debbie. “With the help of a DreamBuilder™ course, I kind of actually knew, to be honest, that my dream was to be a programmer. I knew I wanted to do it, but I didn’t know how to. I was told by my DreamBuilder™ coach to find a teacher so that I could learn to program and learn JavaScript.”

Coding, with its various languages and intricacies, is certainly a challenge for anyone to learn. Despite these challenges, it can be a rewarding skill. At OpenClassrooms we provide all the necessary tools so, just like Debbie did, you too can challenge yourself and start a new career in a variety of digital skills such as programming. Being provided a one-on-one mentor was one of the main factors in Debbie’s decision to choose OpenClassrooms.

“It was perfect because I had someone that could show me what I was [doing] wrong, help me see what I needed to do [and] where I could make my code better. With the help of my mentor, I was able to learn JavaScript and basically be able to go toward the path I wanted… and get a job in programming.”

Being coached and encouraged by our staff also helped Debbie instil confidence in her ability to code.

“I think the most important thing when you’re learning to program is to have people around you who believe in you. That’s what was really important about my mentor. He knew how to motivate me and to believe in me, because he’s already been through it himself.

“Also at OpenClassrooms, one of the things that was really cool was that the student advisors were constantly sending me emails, checking up on me and asking if i was okay. And this really helps because you have someone else when you’re saying ‘I don’t know if I can do this,’ and they’re telling you ‘Yes you can!’ It helps you believe in yourself.”

Today, Debbie works as a front-end architect for Bluekiri, part of the Logitravel Group. “I’m basically working with JavaScript and Node every day, which is really cool because that’s exactly what I wanted to [do].”

Bluekiri’s CEO, Iñaki Fuentes, recognized her talent right away. He said, “The first time we talked to Debbie, she was never just a student. She had an extensive and practical knowledge of technology, and that was quite impressive. We like OpenClassrooms because they provide a path for people to develop their skills in the real world market.”

Thrilled with her progress in learning programming and successfully landing a job, Debbie knows that in order to succeed, she needs to continue studying.

“Now, I believe I can actually learn any of the technologies that are out there. Eight months ago, I didn’t believe I could learn JavaScript, and now I’m learning Node, React, Angular – and that’s just pretty cool. I’m going to continue studying and learn whatever technology I can.”

Want to hear more from Debbie about her path as an OpenClassrooms student and what it’s brought to her new career? Watch the video below!

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