What is Salesforce? And why become a Salesforce Developer?

In this article, you’ll learn about the services offered by Salesforce and why becoming a certified Salesforce Developer is a strategic career move. In short, Salesforce is a global company at the forefront of Cloud-based CRM software technology, providing solutions for top-tier companies worldwide.

What does this mean? Every company needs to interact with their customers. And they need to do this effectively to be successful. This interaction covers marketing, sales, commerce, support, and more. To do all of this in a streamlined way, companies require intelligent software that is designed and maintained by qualified professionals.

This is precisely the service that Salesforce provides. Salesforce “supercharges” every company/customer interaction for their clients, who comprise over 150,000 companies worldwide and across industries. Clients include Amazon Web Services, Virgin Media, Coca-Cola, Kuoni, Eurostar, Ocado, and Aston Martin.

The Salesforce client base is growing every day and so is their need for Salesforce qualified developers to maintain and customize software for each account.

To meet this need, OpenClassrooms and Salesforce have partnered to develop a custom Salesforce Developer Path that will teach the skills needed for a career as a Salesforce Developer – preparing you to take the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I exam as well as the Salesforce Administrator exam.

Being a certified Salesforce Developer and Salesforce Administrator puts you in high demand for an exciting career with cloud-based CRM technology.

Let’s go into more depth.

“Customer Relationship Management”

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Every business needs CRM.

Customer relationship management is a mixture of strategies used by a company to deal with the interactions with their existing customers; to stay connected with them, nurture their relationship and loyalty cleverly and professionally. It is also used to attract new potential customers and win their business.

A CRM platform is the tool used to achieve this aim, to tie marketing to sales revenue objectives, and streamline processes. It is a means of gathering, analyzing and utilizing up-to-date business data – including data from sales, marketing, customer services, and social media – viewed in one place.

It is a business tool that is efficient and effective, and it ensures that businesses never miss important information, trends, or communications. Any modern business failing to use a CRM platform is at a significant disadvantage.

But, it takes skills and certification to develop these CRM platforms, both of which you can work toward with the OpenClassrooms Salesforce Developer Path.


Salesforce is cloud-based, which means it is software that is hosted and accessed through the Internet.

A cloud-based CRM platform offers faster development, seamless access, ease of use, and automatic updates. It’s cost-effective and scalable. It’s reliable with high levels of security, flexibility, and enhanced compatibility with other applications or software (e.g. email clients, Office products, etc).

The International Data Corporation (IDC) reports that business spending on cloud services and infrastructure will continue to grow in 2019, and predicts a 23% growth from 2018. Over the period 2017 – 2022, the market is forecast to grow year on year, achieving public cloud services spending of $370 billion in 2022.

This means that the demand for jobs to maintain and develop these services is on the rise as well. People can be hired through the OpenClassrooms – Salesforce program. You can work for the companies using Salesforce directly, or work as a freelance Salesforce developer. To be competitive and successful on the Salesforce platform you will need the appropriate certifications.

The OpenClassrooms Salesforce Developer Path will give you access to this global opportunity.

More about Salesforce

CRM and cloud-based computing are part of a technological revolution that has had considerable business impact. Salesforce maintains its impressive reputation as the CRM platform market leader. It promises and delivers 5 core benefits to businesses:

  1. Innovation – Salesforce is well ahead of other CRM providers, and so gives its users a distinct edge over their competitors to evolve and stay ahead of them. With Salesforce, Information Technology becomes Innovation Technology.
  2. Platform – everything is efficiently in one place, and the Platform integrates many different Apps using their AppExchange. This provides for the most smooth, intuitive, and practical business user experience, and enables innovation.
  3. Productivity – Salesforce offers its Lightning Platform which fully customizable and is proven to drive efficiency and growth.
  4. Mobility – the Platform is mobile enabled and has a sophisticated App, meaning business employees can use it anywhere and everywhere, making the possibilities for efficiency unlimited.
  5. Community – Salesforce has a community of over 2.3 million members they call “Trailblazers,” comprised of people, partners, and developers all using the Platform and sharing their expertise and experiences. Having access to this community is a huge asset to help develop your career.


Sign up for the Salesforce Developer Path on OpenClassrooms today!

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