Happy International Women’s Day from Japan

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re excited to share OpenClassrooms’ recent partnership with DAS K.K. and Dentsu Innovation Initiative for the STAIRGE program. Created in 2021 STAIRGE aims to train digital transformation professionals for highly in demand jobs. The program provides opportunities for digital skills learning along with job placement to diversify women’s career development.

In Japan, women traditionally take a career break to care for their families. Childbirth, childcare, nursing or prioritizing their partner’s career is a common practice. Women’s careers come second to their families. Today, a new model of learning is now made available: learning from home. With distance learning, women can learn from home, while still being present for their families. Read Eri’s testimonial as she comes to grow into a new role and identity thanks to her newly acquired skills.

How does OpenClassrooms’ support STAIRGE? We offer digital transformation courses with a unique pedagogical model of online learning with one-to-one mentoring sessions. Once graduated, we help learners get on their desired career path, whether it be in fast growth companies, smaller entities or Japanese subsidiaries of foreign organizations. We target both women currently out of the workforce and women in organizations who are looking to upskill and transition into a tech role. STAIRGE covers the tuition fee for all students, so long as they complete the course within the pre-determined duration and start a new career with the company DAS K.K introduced them to.

What are the benefits of this course? It’s a great way to help learners, more specifically women, acquire the skills that are sought after in our digital world. By doing so, learners can secure a future-proof job and benefit from unique flexibility.

September 2021 saw the first STAIRGE cohort kick off. A total of 11 students are now pursuing new careers in digital marketing, UX design, and web development. Together with STAIRGE, OpenClassrooms helps people shape their lives for the future.

Discover the story of STAIRGE student Eri who is currently studying the OpenClassroom’s UX Designer course. 

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