How OpenClassrooms Helps You Find a Job

You’ve heard of our job guarantee offering to refund up to a year of tuition fees if students don’t find a job within 6 months of graduation. We don’t leave this promise to chance.

We have built the OpenClassrooms experience to lead students to employment and career success. Here is how:

 1. Our curriculum prepares you for the real world.

We reverse-engineer our coursework based on the specific skill sets needed on the job. You’ll learn only what you need to know and everything you need know from hard to soft skills essential to finding employment in your future role.

Recruiters and HR managers will be very pleased to see your robust skill set matching their needs.

2. Your coursework gets integrated into your professional portfolio.

Our programs are project-based. That means, instead of taking tests and studying for exams, you will learn by doing. You will be challenged to create real-world projects such as building products and solving issues you’d realistically face in a future job. Those projects fill your professional portfolio even before you have job experience in your field.

3. Your mentor helps you plan ahead.

To complete your OpenClassrooms program, you will prepare your future job search strategy with the guidance of your professional mentor. Your mentor will show you how to canvas the job market, so you may create a list of target sectors and companies most aligned with your goals.

4. Our career coaches teach you to job-search like a pro.

At the end of your diploma program at OpenClassrooms, you will receive 2 months of career coaching included in your tuition and renewable until you find a job. What does this mean?

During career coaching sessions you’ll learn to optimize your:

  • CV/resumé
  • Cover letter
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Portfolio
  • Interview skills
  • Professional branding
  • Networking technique
5. OpenClassrooms teaches you to become future-proof.

Through your experience with our platform, you will grow a learning mindset.

That means, you’ll learn the value of being a forever-student in today’s fast changing world. With this mindset, you become truly future-proof, ready to acquire the newest skills and master emerging technologies as they become relevant. This way of living will keep you competitive in the job market for years to come. And we are here for you when you are ready to learn more.

The goal behind all we do at OpenClassrooms is to help our students get the skills and qualifications they need to find employment in their target field. We have not truly succeeded unless each student finds a job. It is as simple as that.

Dare. Learn. Become. We are here to help you transform your life.

Click on over to our Career Paths page to choose your professional future.

OpenClassrooms prepares you for the job market

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    1. Hi Julia, yes! You will receive an official state-accredited bachelor’s level diploma. OpenClassrooms is registered with the board of Education in France (as we are located in Paris, France). The diploma is level 6 on the European Framework and is thus bachelor’s level. So, in essence, you will be receiving an official accredited French diploma. Whether awarded in the USA or Europe, a bachelor’s-level diploma shows that a higher education institution has validated and proved that you have relevant skills in your field of study.

      I know that was a mouthful, but does that answer your question? If you have any more questions, please reach out to and one of our student advisors can answer them and address any concerns as well.

      Wishing you all the best!

    1. We are so glad you asked. Set up a call a student advisor to answer all your questions and help you get enrolled. Book your call here:

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