Navigating Workplace: OpenClassrooms’ Virtual Campus

What is Workplace?

OpenClassrooms’ Workplace is our online community, accessible only to our students enrolled in a Path. We like to think of Workplace as our “water cooler” for our future professionals or “the quad” on our virtual campus, where our community can connect.

Workplace offers an online treasure trove of knowledge and experience, because every OpenClassrooms mentor, many graduates, and the student success team live there too. Community members are present 24/7 to converse about coursework, deal with concerns, doubts, share good practices, and support your dreams for the future!

And best of all, it is your safe space with like-minded peers and future professionals, to pose questions, bounce around ideas, and be inspired in your studies. The more active you are, the better the community is for it.

Please join the conversation!

Using Workplace

Every OpenClassrooms student is an independent learner. This means you need a place where you can ask questions and share ideas in order to research and progress your learning. This is one big reason why the OpenClassrooms’ Workplace exists.

All experience has value, so even if you are at the very beginning of your learning journey – we encourage you to ask your questions, and chip in with your answers to others.

We can guarantee that if you are thinking about something, there are others with the same questions or concerns.

We encourage you to overcome any fears or shyness. Be brave! Your interactions will cause a ripple effect within the OpenClassrooms community, inspiring more and more people to contribute.

About Workplace groups

Workplace is a Facebook tool which is comprised of various groups where students can exchange with the wider OpenClassrooms community.

One of the benefits of Workplace is belonging to these different groups. Let’s go through the various groups you’ll find on the platform. This is not an exhaustive list but it will give you a rounded understanding of the potential that awaits you.

Path-Specific Groups

We have groups that relate to each Path. In each Path group, you can get tips and advice from fellow students and mentors. Some students will be farther along than you, having already finished their projects. You will benefit from their perspective and experience. Before you submit a project, you can even share your work for feedback from your peers.

Hangout and Introductions

We also have a universal “Hangout” group where you can share your lessons learned, post quotes or articles on motivation and connect with others going through a similar experience. Remember that many of your peers are facing the same challenges as they study while balancing work, family life and other commitments. Hangout is a place to come together and support each other.

We also have an “Introductions” group where you can post a little about yourself and learn about other people also studying with OpenClassrooms. It’s a great place to start new friendships.  

Job Search Groups

One of our favorite groups is called “I’ve found a job”, where students and alumni share the great news when they find work in their field of study.  Job seekers can ask questions and learn from their experiences.

Also helpful for those on the job hunt are the groups “CV Tips” and “Job Offers”. Both of these help students along their professional journey.

Student Support

You can ask any student support questions in the group, “Ask an Advisor.” Our Student Success Team is on the ready during business hours to address your issues. Note: if you have a really urgent issue, the way to get the speediest response from your student advisor is to email

Take part

Pop in! Linger.

Experience what Workplace is all about in action. And then contribute to your groups so you get the most from Workplace, and continue to keep it the rich and useful community it is designed to be.

Sharing your acquired knowledge and experience benefits and inspires those starting out, as well as giving fresh angles, ideas, or material for your more direct contemporaries.

Whatever stage you are at, reaching out to your peers, graduates, mentors, and the student success team is a great way of making learning online feel like you are part of a community. You can also use it to boost your job search, network and maybe even make connections you’ll take with you into the future.

For more tips on using Workplace, see our article: Introducing Workplace: OpenClassrooms’ Virtual Campus

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