A Radical Step Forward for Transparency and Accountability at OpenClassrooms

At OpenClassrooms, we measure everything we do against whether it serves our mission. We ask, ‘how does this new team member, new path, new feature help make sure that everyone – regardless of their individual circumstances – has access to a quality, affordable education?’

Our mission is our north star.

OpenClassrooms is at a critical stage in our startup journey. As we continue to grow and expand our reach around the world, it is becoming ever more important that we adapt and seek new ways to hold ourselves accountable to this mission. That is why today, we are taking a radical step forward. 

I am very pleased to announce the creation of the OpenClassrooms Impact Committee. This group represents key stakeholders from across the OpenClassrooms ecosystem and edtech world. And now, they are our independent watchdog. 

The Impact Committee is an independent body that has auditing and oversight powers within the company. It is not ceremonial – its existence has been written into our company bylaws. 

Committee members have the right to make requests of the OpenClassrooms Board – and we are all obligated to respond. The Committee will be required to submit an annual report detailing our progress. In the spirit of transparency (and obligation through our by laws), these reports will be made publicly available on our website.  

The Impact Committee reflects the diversity that makes our community so strong. It includes OpenClassrooms employees, students, alumni, teachers, and mentors, as well as independent voices from the corporate, NGO, academic, and public education worlds. 

This committee is the first of its kind in the global ed tech community – and the first in all of France. 

Today marks their first meeting, where they are deciding together the criteria on which the company’s progress will be measured, and how they will work together. I will report back here next week with the results of that meeting, and what comes next.


Meet the committee members


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