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OpenClassrooms is a global online education-to-employment platform, designed to teach people the skills they need for the most in-demand jobs.

We provide programs in areas such as web development, data analysis, UX design, AI and more.

Our associate’s-, bachelor’s- and master’s-level diploma programs are conducted fully online through a mix of videos, online reading, and projects a student would realistically face in a future role.

Students that sign up for a diploma program are paired with experienced professionals in their field that serve as a dedicated mentor. Mentors help with their coursework and career coaches help them find a job.

We are so confident in our model that we will refund a student’s tuition if they don’t find a job within six months of graduation.

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OpenClassrooms goes well beyond

the traditional online educational model.

Here’s what makes us different.


We offer the right qualifications for in-demand jobs.

Students can earn accredited associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s level-diplomas in a variety of areas including web development, UX design, project management, data analysis, AI, career coaching and more. 

Our mentors provide one-on-one support

Each student who signs up for a diploma program is assigned a dedicated mentor with whom they meet via video chat each week. Mentors are professionals in each student’s field of study who work closely with their mentees on coursework and projects.

Our curriculum is relevant to the real world.

We reverse-engineer our curriculum to meet the specific skill sets needed for in-demand jobs. There are no tests or exams to study for. Our programs are project-based, requiring students to build products and solve issues that they would realistically face in a future role. These projects make up a professional portfolio that showcases students’ job-ready skills.  

All of our courses are self-paced.

OpenClassrooms fits into our students’ schedules, and students can begin a program at any time. In fact, students often earn accredited diplomas much more quickly than they would in traditional lines of study.

Our virtual campus makes all the difference

Throughout the program, students have access to an internal network of other students, graduates, mentors, and the OpenClassrooms team. This platform is used to discuss coursework, projects, job search, and more. 

We help students find a job.

At the end of a diploma program at OpenClassrooms, students receive two months of career coaching included in their tuition and renewable until they find a job. Career coaching includes advice on drafting resumes and cover letters, interview prep, networking and personal branding. Learn more about how OpenClassrooms helps you find work here.

We offer a flexible, affordable subscription model.

We don’t ask students to sign binding contracts. Students can start and stop their program at anytime. The online classes that make up our diploma programs can be accessed for free, in line with our mission to make education accessible for all.

Go to our program page to learn more details and see pricing for the programs that interest you. To learn about financing options, book a call with our a student advisor. 

Our Job Guarantee

At OpenClassrooms, we so confident in our model that we will refund a student’s tuition if they don’t find a relevant job within six months of graduation. We are deeply committed to changing the live of our students. We are driven to make a positive impact worldwide.

If we have piqued your interest, don’t hesitate to book a call with a student advisor to learn more! Or visit our programs page.

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