OpenClassrooms and Microsoft are helping close the tech skills gap

My co-founder Mathieu Nebra was 13 years old when he woke up to the problem that the two of us have dedicated our lives to solving. He wanted to learn something new – in this case, he wanted to learn how to code. But he couldn’t access the materials that would help him get there. In our case…we made them ourselves.

And now OpenClassrooms exists to open the door to others who want access to an affordable, high-quality education that will launch their careers to the next level.

Today – decades after Mathieu and I started this work – a new wave of technologies are disrupting our global economy once again. You’ve heard all about the tech skills gap. Competition for the right hires has never been fiercer. In the US alone, 557,100 new computer and IT jobs will be added between 2016 and 2026 – more than all other occupations.

And, since there isn’t enough talent to meet this demand, the people with the right skills have tremendous earning potential. The median annual wage for computer and IT jobs in the US was $84,580 in May 2017. The median annual wage for all other occupations was $37,690.

OpenClassrooms is here to make sure our students are prepared to seize the opportunities that these new technologies are creating. This time, we’re getting a little help from an iconic innovator.

Today, we’re announcing that we’re partnering with Microsoft to recruit and train the next generation of artificial intelligence engineers throughout the US, Europe, and UK.

The masters-level online program combines the OpenClassrooms project-based model with Microsoft’s in-house expertise to prepare candidates to take on careers in AI and machine learning.

OpenClassrooms builds high-quality programs that are built to scale. Combine that with insights from the world’s top experts – like the ones we’re working with at Microsoft – and there is real potential to solve for the tech skills gap. We are excited to play that role.

Pierre Dubuc, CEO OpenClassrooms


Want to know more about the program details? 

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  1. C’est une bonne nouvelle pour nous amoureux de openclassroom pour la qualité des cours. À défaut de suivre les parcours ça sera un plaisir de suivre les cours en premium solo pour se former en IA qui est très utile même pour les pays en développement.

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