How Our Diplomas Are Accredited At OpenClassrooms

Before signing up to one of our accredited diplomas, most (if not all) of our students ask us:

A bachelor’s-level/master’s-level diploma in 12 months? How is it possible? How is it recognized?

That’s probably one of the most common questions we get asked and that’s completely normal! Our students are worried about their future and want to make sure that the education they are paying for is real, trustworthy and accredited. So we thought it was time for us to answer some of the most common questions we’ve been asked. Here goes:

How is it possible to earn an accredited bachelor-level diploma in 12 months (on average) when it normally takes 3-4 years at a normal university?

Think about it this way: our diploma is full-time which means that you would need to dedicate at least 15-35 hours a week to work on the courses, complete the projects and earn your bachelor-level diploma in 12 months (by the way, don’t you worry, there’s no time limit and the diploma is entirely self-paced so that you can finish it in more or less time depending on your schedule). In college, you’ll usually study 10-20 hours a week depending on the course and focus greatly on theory.

At OpenClassrooms, learning is project-driven and personalized through dedicated mentoring. As a result, you will only be focusing on the practical aspect of the diploma and get personal support as opposed to being part of a bigger classroom. All these reasons explain why it would take you less time to complete the diploma.

How are your diplomas recognized? By whom?

OpenClassrooms is a certified and accredited distance learning education institution in France. We offer our own diplomas as well as those of other prestigious academic partners. All our diplomas are state-recognized. Thanks to the Bologna Process, harmonizing higher education in Europe, our diplomas are officially recognized as official European diploma and by more than 50 states in total.

You can find more information here at the National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP).

Our Web Developer diploma is at level 6 on the EQF. Our Product Management diploma is at level 7 on the EQF

Once I get my diploma, will employers accept it?

Most job postings for developers list a diploma/degree as a preferred item, if not a requirement. A diploma shows employers that you have the skills they’re looking for: more than one-third of professional developers have at least a bachelor-level diploma according to a report from Stack Overflow.

The OpenClassrooms diploma combine this recognition with another proof of competency, particularly liked by recruiters, such as real-world work portfolios. This is why our approach is project-driven with hands-on cases to complete, which you can present in to future recruiters.

If you would like to talk to an advisor to ask further questions, please book a call here

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  1. Will I get academic transcripts or academic credits with the degree?

    • Sure you will, Aslan! You’ll even get an official diploma sent to you!

  2. Hi I am not from Tech background, Can I still pursue this course and will I be able to get a job even if I don’t have experience in this space?

    • Yes! Definitely 🙂

      You’ll be working on real-life projects, which will help give you context to the theory you’re learning. Then, you’ll get a personal mentor session once a week to help guide you through any issues you have. The degrees are really designed with beginners at heart, so you’ll have no problems, I’m sure!

  3. Is there a community with alumni (preferably Dutch) from Openclassrooms I can ask questions? I can’t find any reviews and It’s important to know for me whether the diploma will be recognized by the Dutch government in order to receive aid.

  4. Hi are your courses accredited in the United States?

    • Thanks to the Bologna Accord, our degrees are recognised internationally as an official European degree. There is, unfortunately, no official legal comparison between European and American diplomas. BUT keep in mind that a degree, whether awarded in the USA or Europe, proves that you have gained the relevant skills in the field of study.

      We also offer a job guarantee, meaning we’ll reimburse your tuition fees if you don’t find a job within 6 months of graduation!

  5. How many credits do we earn after completing this course? Since many universities require 180 credits to qualify for applying for a masters degree.

    • There are no credits attached to this degree but you’ll have a level 6 qualification on the European Qualifications Framework, which is internationally recognized and will help you find a job (or your money back)!

      As for master’s degrees, pre-requisites differ from place to place, so the best thing to do is to ask the institution you are looking at for their requirements.

      Hope this helps!

    • Hi Boris,

      Thanks to the Bologna Accord, this degree is officially recognized by more than 50 European states and recognized internationally as an official European degree. There is, unfortunately, no official legal comparison between European and American diplomas, nor is there any single authority in the United States for recognition of foreign qualifications, making it a little trickier to compare! A degree, whether awarded in the USA or Europe, does, of course, validate and prove that you have gained the relevant skills in the field of study.

      Please feel free to book a call with one of our advisors to chat more or send an email directly to:

  6. You said that the student earn their bachelor in 12 month on average, but if we are able to do all the courses and projects in only 6 months, do we have to pay for more than 6 months ?

    • No! You only pay for the number of months it takes you. If you have the time to do it in six months, you’ll just pay those six months.

  7. Will OpenClassrooms ever hold a graduation ceremony for students?

    • We’ve got students all around the world so it’s a big logistical challenge, but you’ll get a diploma sent to you via the post once you graduate!

  8. What does the degree, upon completion, look like? Is Open Classroom listed as the University?

    • Hi Kim,
      Please send us an email at and we’ll send you an example of a diploma 🙂 And yes, OpenClassrooms is the institution certifying the program hence why it would be issued by us and with our name on it.
      Hope this helps!

    • Of course! Our courses are self-paced so you can work on them whenever you have the time (evenings, weekends, lunch break etc.). It’s built to fit around whatever is going on in your life.

  9. How we can start searching job after completion of diploma/degree course?

    • There are some great job-seeking resources out there. Depending on your country of residence, you can use sites like LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed… to name a few!

  10. Currently, I have no experience at all with any form of code. Would the Front-End Development program make me capable and competent in forms of code by the end of the (minimum of) 12 months?

    • Hi John,

      Yes it will. Our programs are designed in a way that makes sure you will become ready-to-work at the end of the 12 months. Since our learning is project-driven, it will provide you with all the experience you need by the end of the 12 months. Be aware that most of our students are complete beginners too and landed a job successfully at the end of the program.

      Feel free to send an email to if you have any quesitons!

  11. I do not have any idea of getting skill in IT field. So, which course i should do ? Secondly, i live in portugal. Will i get job in portugal upom completion of this course ? What should is start with ?

    • Hi Mayank,

      How about you start with this introductory course:

      It’s very basic but an amazing course to start with.

      If you follow one of our learning paths, you will be guaranteed a job upon completion of the course. It’s what we call the Job Guarantee 🙂

  12. Can we get admission at any university in master level after completing this course ?

    • Hi Suraj,

      You would need to check with the university you wish to apply for. We cannot guarantee that the diploma will be accepted by a university to study at master’s level even though our diploma is recognized at level 6 on the EQF (and level 7 for the Product management course).


  13. Hi, I’m a bit skeptical about accreditation in the US. Can you give some examples of companies that have hire your graduates? Also, I would like a sample of what the diploma looks like.

    • Hi Pam,

      Thanks a lot for your comment. Just to be completely transparent, our diplomas are only accredited in France and Europe (level 6 or 7 on the EQF). They are currently not recognized in the US. However, we still offer the Job Guarantee in the US and we have had students who even found jobs before even graduating. We’ll soon communicate more on where our students have ended up so please follow our blog. If you would like us to send you an example of the diploma, please send us an email at and we’ll send you an example.

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